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Pharaonic Collection. Culture couture

Azza Fahmy, Egypt’s iconic luxury designer jeweller introduced the Pharaonic Collection in 2012, demystifying the complex art form of Ancient Egypt’s motifs and symbolic references with a spectacular and elegant hand-crafted 30 piece collection.

Evolving concepts from Egypt’s Pharaonic history (14th-19th century B.C) and with a special focus on the  theme of Love and Wisdom during the Amarna period (1352-1327 B.C.), this modern avant-garde collection sees Azza extract and reinterpret striking detailing as she reinvents the drama and romanticism of that time.

Desirable, bold statement necklaces and multi-layered collars, bracelets and cuffs  bursting with personality, and covetable earrings and rings boast carefully curated architectural designs that play cameo roles in bringing to life ancient Egyptian stories with a delicate balance of ‘then and now’ -  all in Azza’s trademark combination of Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold.

Emulating the use of colourful stones and, staying true to the period the narrative continues with prized perennial semi-precious favourites such as Lapis Lazuli, Tourmaline, Turquoise and Cornelian. Enamel detailing adds a further dimension.

Azza has updated characteristics that were ‘of the day’ such the mandrake fruit (aka the love apple), the Ostrich plume of Maat (symbolising cosmic balance) the Scarab (portraying transformation), and the Lotus flower (which represents the first moment of creation) and creatively woven these elements into the fabric of the jewellery design.

Eight years in development, the elegant Pharaonic Collection fashionably brings together cultural art in its richest form, history and fashion wrapped in sophisticated layers of contemporary design, hand-crafted techniques and styling that begs to be worn by a fashionista Cleopatra.

To ensure that celebrative homage is credibly and meticulously paid to references that were synonymous of the Amarna period (an era when depictions of nature was prevalent to mark life’s rich offerings), Azza Fahmy enlisted the expertise of a former Christie’s Egyptologist, Christine Green,  to help with thorough research and to authenticate even the minutest of design features.

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