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Day at The Azza Fahmy Workshop

Take a tour into the inside world of The Azza Fahmy Workshop where beauty, craftsmanship, and design collide.

Here's a glimpse behind the scenes of what takes place at our Workshop located at the heart of Cairo, Egypt the country where civilizations began.

"I was born and raised in this country which has an infinite amount of unexplored rich heritage and deep-rooted culture from different cultures including Pharaonic, Coptic, Ottoman, and many more." - Designer Azza Fahmy 

At Azza Fahmy, each handmade piece tells its own tale and goes on a beautiful journey of inspirations, sketches, designs, until the piece finally comes to life.

Raw Silver pieces

"Khepri" Scarab Pharaonic Collection inspiration - Ancient Egypt

Ottoman Gardens inspirations - Limited Edition Collection

Pharaonic Collection inspiration - Fruit Garland - Ancient Egypt

Mood Board at Designer Azza Fahmy's design haven

Designer Azza Fahmy as she sketches one of her Masterpieces


Pharaonic Cuff Tale Sketch

Craftsmanship in the making

Master Craftsman at work as he hand pierces one of our pieces


Mood Board at the Azza Fahmy Workshop


Calligraphy Stamp at the Azza Fahmy Workshop


Signature Azza Fahmy Calligraphy "Serenity"

"Blessing" Earrings in the making

Pharaonic Cuff Tale Stamp


Handmade Roman chains at the Azza Fahmy Workshop

Mother's Day Necklace in the making - Filigree & Diamonds

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