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Tales of Love & Strength Winner!

Hala Habib wins our Tales of Love & Strength competition!

Over the past 3 months we've been asking you to share your Tale of Love & Strength...the moments, the people and the expressions that have added a certain magic to your memories and guided you through your life for a chance to win our one of a kind 18ct Gold  'Eye of Love' Bracelet.

So many inspirational stories have come through, yet the most touching story was by Hala Habib's.

"The night I gave birth to my first child,
I picked up the phone and called my Mother.
With tears running down my face,
I apologized for all the hard times I had given her in the past.
In a flash, I saw my mother's love and sacrifices.
In a flash, I saw my future self.

Winning Story by Hala Habib

Here are other stories that we found to be inspirational as well; read away!


Story by Marwa Medhat

"Through the painful road of love; one can then be blessed to understand and realize our eternal spiritual enlightenment." - Marlene Jaber

Story by Hala Barakat

"A tale of love, strength, breakdowns and support. Motherhood is more than a tale, it is a roller coaster ride, fun yet hectic, lots of laughs but tons of worries.The ups and downs, all you need is make the ride as joyful as possible or you will lose essence of getting on it the first place."

- Pakinam El Badry

Story By Manal JO

"The first moment of being a mom is a mix of love, strength, weakness and fear...this first voice that no body can understand except a Mom saying 'Hold me mom' is the most precious moment any woman can live." - Nermine

"Love conquers all... My soul mate has enlightened me, makes me laugh and tolerates my weaknesses; in that there is strength." - Bethan Groves
"I am beautiful because I'm Strong, I'm Strong because I'm Loved, I'm Loved for who I am... There is no greater success in being all that I am." - Hanan Heakal

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