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The Pharaonic Cuff: A Journey of Creation

After three years of dedicated craftsmanship and research, this extraordinary piece came to life.

“My tale takes you back to Ancient Egypt… I am love, wisdom and prosperity. I offer you protection, strength and the power of transformation.”


A magnificent cuff bracelet which takes us back to the ‘Amarna’18th Dynasty historic tale of Ancient Egypt. With silver and gold motifs, adorned with a Turquoise stone and hand pierced details symbolizing love, wisdom, and prosperity- this bracelet tells more than just one story.


Pharaonic Cuff Tale Sketch by Designer Azza Fahmy

Cuff Tale in the making - Cairo Workshop

Dimensions of the Pharaonic Cuff Tale


The Scarab Wings which protect the 'Khepri' beetle of transformation emerges from the water pushing the sun before it "Ra" across the starry sky and above the water of life.


'Khepri' Beetle - Symbol of Transformation in Ancient Egypt


The 'Wedjat eye of Horus', a symbol of wholeness and protection, around which the Lotus flowers wander, resembles the first moment of creation and is a powerful symbol of re-birth. 'Uraeus', the cobra, is an emblem of Lower Egypt worn by royalty which provides protection against all enemies.


Lotus Flower as they float across the Nile River


The Fruits of the Nile offering table symbolizes gifts and contributions, while the Rosette flower symbolizes the fertility of the Nile; it is the mud and water from which Life springs with purification.


Offering Table of bread and fruits- Amarna period


The "Sa" sign symbolizes protection, particularly at childbirth. While the "Ib" sign, the heart, represents 'Seat of the Mind'. Near the Rosette is the Palmette motif which is inspired by the column capitals from Philae Temple in Upper Egypt. The "Djed" pillar, believed to be the backbone of Osiris, represents stability, and the "Was" scepter, which also represents power and domination.

* The Wedjat eye of Horus was restored by the moon-god Thoth, after being injured avenging his father Osiris‟s murder by his eternal protagonist Seth

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