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The Winged Scarab Ring: A Journey of Creation

Let us take you on a journey of how the Winged Scarab Ring was created and how it came to life in the world of Azza Fahmy Jewellery.

The Winged Scarab ring worn by Nicola for our #USxYOU shoot, London, by Creative Director Lindsay Butcher.

“I am the Khepri beetle, I represent transformation. I emerged spontaneously from the burrow where I was born and with my wings I offer you protection.”


Winged Scarab Ring - Nostalgia Collection


This sterling silver and 18ct gold Scarab ring, represents transformation in Ancient Egypt- ‘Amarna’ 18th Dynasty (circa 1352-1327 B.C.) The beetle’s wings, protecting the wearer, are adorned with classic gold Filigree.



'Khepri' Beetle - Symbol of Transformation in Ancient Egypt


Inspired by Tutankhamun's winged scarab jewellery, 1333-1323 B.C., this piece is a continuation of Azza Fahmy’s 2012 Pharaonic Collection on Love and Wisdom in Ancient Egypt.


Wings of the Vulture 'Nekhbet' - Symbol of protection


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