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The Pharaonic Collection in La Repubblica Magazine, Italy

Supermodel and mother Leilani Bishop spotted wearing our Pharaonic Vulture 'Nekhbet' Necklace and the Pharaonic Tale of the Nile Cuff Bracelet in an article in La Republica Magazine in their April'13 issue!


Supermodel Leilani Bishop wearing our Pharaonic Tale of the Nile Cuff Bracelet

Leilani Bishop, with almost twenty years of a career in modeling, she also creates a line for scented oils.

Pharaonic Vulture Necklace worn by Supermodel Leilani Bishop as she lounges with her son for La Repubblica


Pharaonic Tale of the Nile Cuff Bracelet


This Foliate and Floral Bracelet, symbolizes the fertility of the Nile, the mud and water from which Life springs. On one side papyrus and mandrake fruit float over a pool of water, while the other side decorated with bunches of grapes, and Lilly motifs inspired by ‘Amarna’ art (circa 1352-1327 B.C.)


Pharaonic 'Nekhbet' Vulture Necklace


The Gold and Silver 'Nekhbet' Vulture Necklace Masterpiece! The Wings combining feather and Pharaonic dress motifs, clasped with a Scarab and Lotus flower terminal; inspired by Queen Ahhotep’s armlet from her tomb in Dra Abu Naga, Thebes, 18th Dynasty (circa 1540 B.C.).






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