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Art Deco inspired me to take a new journey into my nation's Pharaonic past

We are celebrating your discoveries, explorations & creations over the summer in celebration of the launch of our new 2013 Fashion Collection...

To some it’s monetary value, to others it’s acknowledgement, but at Azza Fahmy we believe success is measured by a journey; the path a person takes to achieve their self-realisation; the road they take to drive change. It could be a direction, a spark, an idea, or an insight which could set everything in motion.

By exploring destination and direction we learn, grow and shape ourselves. Every journey is unique and yet they are all exactly the same; they’re there to be celebrated. No matter how innocently the journey may start, a pathway of ingenuity and hard work is always fruitful and valuable to share.

“Journeys of Creation, a world where creativity, art, and design matter; where journeys of individuals bond to make a difference.”

That’s why we are dedicating the next few months to celebrating ‘Journeys of Creation’ from all walks of life - the vast worlds of international culture, arts, history, travel, and design… to, well, yours - Because every journey is worth recognition no matter how humble.

There are many ways in which you can tell us about your journey of creation and many ways in which to share your discoveries with us and the world. So, whatever you have discovered, created or plan to create, wherever you plan to travel over the next six months, record it, write it down, sketch it out.... but do share it with us and the reward may be even more than that glow of satisfaction.

Be part of our Journeys of Creation now. Use the form or tweet your image or txt using #MyJourney and/or #USXYOU

Make a difference, invent, create change, enjoy.

Yours creatively, the Azza Fahmy Team.

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• Any entry using dismissive, inflammatory, abusive, libelous or otherwise unsuitable language, as judged by the Azza Fahmy team, will be subject to removal without notice from the listing.

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