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International Life TV

Fashion Editor Sara Darling features Azza Fahmy's new Fashion Collection on International Life TV Blog.

The Fashion Collection is designed by Amina Ghali, daughter and design partner of Azza Fahmy. The collection is a metamorphosis of the decadence and design simplicity of Art Deco and the intricate crafting of the ancient Egyptian 18th dynasty era.

Here is what Sara Darling had to say about the collection in her blog.

"With the days getting longer, and hotter (hooray!) Women everywhere are starting to think about our summer wardrobe, including some key pieces to complement a tan!"


Tassel Cuff Earring


"Jewellery is an easy way to introduce some statement pieces, and it is worth checking out the new ‘Fashion Collection’ launched this summer, by Egyptian jewellery label Azza Fahmy. Designed by Amina Ghali (daughter and design partner of Azza Fahmy), it takes the simplicity of Art Deco shapes (hugely popular to co-incide with The Great Gatsby) and moulds them with the intricate decadence of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt where the label was founded."


Diamond Lotus Ring


"Using flowers in their most basic form, Amina has transformed the beautiful Lotus flower into an abstract motif. Punctuated with diamonds and semi-precious stones, this has become the base for earrings, cuffs, bracelets and rings."


Gothic Lotus Ring


"Perfect for someone searching for something eye-catching and unusual. This is the turn to designer for understated sophistication. With the collection containing stacking bracelets through to statement necklaces, you are bound to find the perfect accessory for your holiday."


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