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Brand Ambassador Rawah Badrawi on 'Azza Fahmy for Matthew Williamson'!

Brand Ambassador and Author Rawah Badrawi shares her experience at the Azza Fahmy for Matthew Williamson show in London!

Rawah Badrawi

"This year, London Fashion Week was special. I could hardly contain my excitement as I took my seat at Matthew Williamson’s show at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. There is little doubt that Matthew Williamson is the darling of British designers. Alive with shimmering colour and vibrant curiosities, his collections evoke whimsical travel and exotic, faraway places. Followed cultishly by artists, actors and an international clientele, Williamson is always a highly anticipated show but my excitement had more to do with the debut of Azza Fahmy’s capsule collection for his SS14 show."

References by Matthew Williamson

Azza Fahmy Sketchbook by Amina Ghali


"Collaborating with Azza Fahmy made perfect sense for the designer who often injects ethnic references in his pieces and has a natural affinity to local artisan work and crafts from around the world."

Designers Azza Fahmy, Amina Ghali & Matthew Williamson Backstage at London Fashion Week


"Azza Fahmy spent decades traversing Egypt and the region learning about local costume, designs and handicrafts. Her book on Egyptian jewellery is a treasure trove of information on the cultural traditions, heritage, and artisanal practices that shaped Egyptian jewellery throughout the ages. The two designers were a perfect fit."

Azza Fahmy with the famous Abdallah Baghy of Siwa


"Azza Fahmy stays true to her love of Egyptian and ethnic designs in the collection she produced for Matthew Williamson but gives the pieces a subtly contemporary look and glamorous edge with bright yellow gold and modern lines. The collection evokes the discrete, sensual women in Naguib Mahfouz novels as well as the strong, globetrotting modern women who favour Williamson’s designs. The resulting pieces are glittering works of art."


Azza Fahmy for Matthew Williamson Gold Coins Necklace

Azza Fahmy for Matthew Williamson Gold Fringe Coins Earrings

"The Azza Fahmy for Matthew Williamson collection debuted on a blank white stage with models showcasing the pieces against very colourful, relaxed and vibrant designs with flowing, soft fabrics. "

Azza Fahmy for Matthew Williamson Gold Coins Necklace- London Fashion Week

Azza Fahmy for Matthew Williamson Gold Dome Ring- London Fashion Week

"Today,The Azza Fahmy design team is an inspirational mother-daughter collaboration and I watched the show with pride, seated next to Azza Fahmy's daughter, Amina Ghali, who is poised to take the house to new places with her extraordinary eye, imagination, and work ethic."

Mother-Daughter duo Azza Fahmy and Amina Ghali- Front Stage- London Fashion Week


"Amina is the modernising agent in the design team and her streamlined cuffs and architectural rings will no doubt translate well into the global market. Seeing what is arguably the best of Egyptian design today appear on stage at London Fashion Week was an incredible moment not only for the Azza Fahmy team but for all those who follow their work and admire Egyptian art and culture."

With Amina Ghali and Fashion Editor Rebekah Roy- LFW


"The show flew by and the Azza Fahmy for Matthew Williamson collection will be available for purchase in November. As a capsule collection with such covetable pieces, I really don't expect it to sit around for long. It promises to be one of several great collaborations that will bring Egyptian art to the outside world, because that's how Egypt has always been throughout history, a gift for the entire world to admire and enjoy over and over again."

- Rawah Badrawi, October 2013.

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