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Our craft

Handcrafted jewellery that translates poetry into wearable art.

Each hand crafted piece of jewellery is unique, with a special tale behind it. Inspired by various cultures, each design is a manifestation of a thought supported by an abundance of research and, an investment of time which includes a process that comprises the expertise and skills of a minimum of 20 craftsmen and 60 delicate manufacture and quality operations. Each piece is a story, from our history to you.


Here are some of the many things that make each piece so distinctive…

Preserving Tradition

Today at Azza Fahmy, skilled gold and silversmiths still operate under the ancient ottoman three leveled hierarchy of master/trainer/trainee. The merit of this system is to pass on the jewellery making craft from generation to generation, ensuring that the young craftsmen learn at the hands of the masters with many years expertise. Moreover, it preserves the magic of the craft and its authenticity.



Used as a form of decoration on metals from the earliest times across many cultures and traced all the way back to the Greeks, filigree was a very popular and intricate technique of jewellery making during the Islamic era. The Filigree technique basically entails twisting very fine threads of silver or gold to form beautiful lace-like decorations.

Due to its very time consuming nature - it can only be genuinely done by hand - Filigree was used less and less over the years until it was scarcely used. Today, even when used, silver thread rather than gold is employed as it is easier to shape.

Azza Fahmy is amongst the few that still use the authentic Filigree technique on both silver and gold, making this ancient technique one of her prominent signatures.


Hand Piercing

Hand-piercing is the technique used to engrave a designed motifs or a piece calligraphy using a very thin and sharp tool which travels over the design outline on silver or gold sheets creating holes to carve out the desired shape. The resultant piece is said to have "open work".

This technique brings out the exquisiteness of the designs by giving the pieces added dimension.

Open work can be done on both large and very intricate small areas surrounding a design so that when carved out it creates the artistry of a fusion of different handwork. Caligraphy & Combining Silver and Gold Inspired by the vibrant contrast between the metals Azza Fahmy has made the combination gold and silver in a single piece of jewellery her trademark.

Adding an extra dimension is the use of traditional proverbs and verses, scripted in eye-catching calligraphy, inscribed with silver and inlaid with gold, delivering pieces of jewellery that has brought Azza Fahmy international recognition.

Take a look through our store to discover how these uniquely supported skills have turned poetry into wearable art. Of course if you have something dear to your heart that you would like to translate into jewellery contact our team to discover more about our bespoke service.

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