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We believe

Adornment. Education. Empowerment.

We are a unique brand; we celebrate and are inspired by art and culture – globally. Azza Fahmy, our founder, CEO, and chief designer is truly ‘a free spirit’. She flies against convention and has blazed her own successful trail for the last 40 years just by believing in what was right and backing that up with a great deal of hard work.

The art of giving

Other than showcasing her collectives or lecturing around the globe, Azza Fahmy has a strong philosophy to giving back as much as she can on every front.

Through her literature, the first of which was her book “Enchanted jewellery of Egypt”, she carefully documents the history of the art and craft of jewellery making, creating an in-depth, knowledgeable reference point for those seeking to learn about Egyptian jewellery now, and in the future.

As a member of the Refractory & Metallurgy Export Council, and the Jewellery Sector Steering Committee, Azza Fahmy is a determined force, working to develop the way jewellery is made in Egypt. Part of that effort is her work with the government on the foundation of a jewellery training school to teach middle and high school graduates jewellery design and making, giving young talents the potential and the tools to make a better living while helping to strengthen local skills.

In addition to the various fund raising initiatives undertaken by the company around issues relating to children Azza Fahmy, aims to go one step further as she strives to help build positive change. As a result she is always seeking opportunities that will bring significant benefits to children and the broader youth community.

Contact Us to find out more about our work and how you can get involved.

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