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Press Enquiries

We hope you have enjoyed what you have experienced so far with Azza Fahmy Jewellery, luxury handmade jewellery inspired by thousands of years of art and culture translated with a contemporary fashion approach. 

Azza Fahmy, founder, CEO, and chief designer is truly the definition of ‘a free spirit’. She flies against convention and has blazed her own successful trail for the last 40 years by doing just that. 
With the launch of this site, our stores in the Middle East and displays at the Louvre Museum Shop and the British Museum, we have increasingly been reaching more of our international audience. 

We are able to lend samples, provide support for shoots and deliver imagery and video to most media professionals globally upon application. We always seek new avenues by which to travel and voice our tale.

You can see our news and existing press coverage here, or for further information, samples and imagery please contact us and one of our team will respond to your query as soon as is possible.

In the UK you can also contact our PR agent for more information:

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