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African 2016 Collection

African 2016 Collection

With research constantly at the core, it was 45 years later when another book inspired Creative Director Azza Fahmy to design a collection that would celebrate African culture with its rich heritage and traditions. After 2 years of research on forms of body art and their significance as means of artistic self-expression, the collection came to life to act as tribute to all the muses discovered during our travels throughout the decades amidst African countries and valleys from geometric and primitive motifs, to body-paintings, masks, bells, fringes and beads emerging all the way from North to South-Western Africa ,Ethiopia & Nigerian Fulani tribes Every piece in the collection tells a story that has been handcrafted by more than 200 artisans fusing ancient jewellery techniques with contemporary designs, celebrating both the past and the present. This story that is now becoming yours to tell…

The inspiration inside

We blend 7000 years of culture with contempory design and traditional craftsmanship.

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