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Pharaonic Collection

Pharaonic Collection
7000 years in the making

Pharaonic Collection

Azza Fahmy's Pharaonic collection represents Love and Wisdom in ancient Egypt, evident in her art, symbolic and Hieroglyphics references. Some of her designs are inspired by the Middle Kingdom Jewelery- from the tomb of princess Khnumet at Dahshour (19th century B.C.) and the art and architecture of the New Kingdom (15th-14th century B.C.). However there is a special focus on the ‘Amarna’ period (circa 1352-1327 B.C.), when love of the natural world (nature) was most elegantly expressed. The sage Ptahhotep wrote in the late 3rd millennium B.C ‘Follow your Heart'. The designs of this collection are inspired by this maxim.

The inspiration inside

We blend 7000 years of culture with contempory design and traditional craftsmanship.

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