Love Locket Ring
A hidden love message sealed inside this 18kt gold and sterling silver ring spelling ‘You’re the one’, inspired by Umm Kulthum.
Sultan Ring
A flawless stone set ring adorned with diamonds and calligraphy.
The Scarab Ring
A Sterling silver and 18kt gold scarab ring encrusted with pave diamonds.
The Golden Scarab
An all 18kt golden scarab ring encrusted with pave diamonds.
The Winged Scarab
A winged scarab ring protecting its wearer is encrusted with pave diamonds, in rare filigree, 18kt gold and sterling silver.
The Sultan Ring
Flawless in its cut comes this faceted Topaz ring in vivid Lemon and Smokey shades bejeweled with diamonds and rare filigree, in 18kt gold and sterling silver.
Double-Sided Coin Ring
Discover the hidden messages inscribed in this pass-partout ring, in 18kt gold and sterling silver.
Calligraphy Coin Ring
A glorious creation reminiscent of antique coins, 18kt gold and sterling silver.
Cameo Locket Ring
A magnificent piece of love and nostalgia bejeweled with pavé diamonds and precious stones all-around, reminiscent of antique Cameo jewellery.
Stack Ring
Oversized ring in 18kt gold and sterling silver layered in geometric textures and asymmetrical forms. Comes in polished and matt finishes.
Diamond & Calligraphy Ring
A double-sided ring with Diamond stones and colorful semi precious stones on one side and 18kt gold calligraphy on the other.
Best Seller
Calligraphy Band For Her
Silver and 18ct gold split heart band inscribed in calligraphy
Diamond Gold Eye Ring
Easy to wear dainty chain ring that come in an ‘Evil-eye’ motif adorned with a cluster of diamonds.
Sultan Pearl Ring
Statement Sultan Ring adorned with pearls, diamonds and 18ct Gold calligraphy.
Tale of Love Ring
A classic Sterling silver ring for Men adorned with inspirational inscriptions in signature Azza Fahmy calligraphy.
Men's Silver Band
Men's silver band
Classic Calligraphy Ring
A classic silver ring
Azza Fahmy Classic Band
Silver and gold ring
Stone Cluster Ring
Silver and Gold double-finger ring
18kt Gold Hand Ring
18 KT gold ring
Silver/Gold Calligraphy Ring
Silver/gold ring with calligraphy
Rumuz Charms Gold Ring
An 18kt gold ring
Wedjat-Eye Silver/Gold Ring
Silver and gold amuletic ring
Silver/Gold Plates Ring
Silver and gold ring