Wrap-around Classic Ring
18ct gold and silver classic adorned with enchanting verses sung by Egypt’s voice Umm Kulthum in 1965.
Diamond Gold Eye Ring
Easy to wear dainty chain ring that come in an ‘Evil-eye’ motif adorned with a cluster of diamonds.
Tale of Love Ring
A classic Sterling silver ring for Men adorned with inspirational inscriptions in signature Azza Fahmy calligraphy.
Classic Calligraphy Ring
A classic silver ring
Azza Fahmy Classic Band
Silver and gold ring
Stone Cluster Ring
Silver and Gold double-finger ring
Silver/Gold Calligraphy Ring
Silver/gold ring
Silver/Gold Calligraphy Ring
Silver/gold ring with calligraphy
Rumuz Charms Gold Ring
An 18kt gold ring
Silver Ring with Golden Hand
Silver ring with a gold hand