The Gypsy Collection

A nomadic journey of the modern-day gypsy

Wonders of Nature

Timeless. Elegant. Symbolic

The Key of Life

A mystical key, telling a story of eternal life


Translated into wearable art

Eternal Love Bands

A collection of bands carrying hidden messages of love

Wonders of Nature

Nature’s perfections within the imperfections

A cuff’s tale

A beautiful story, reminiscing on the glory of ancient Egypt

The Greek coin cufflink

Inspired by the vintage coins of the Ancient Greek Kingdom

Bringing ancient cultures

and heritage back to life
since 1969

Be inspired.

Get inspired.

Azza Fahmy launches its new Falahy collection

“Through this collection, we are paying tribute to Tahiya Karyoka’s strong and impactful character, showing appreciation to her art, and honouring her legacy as a pioneer of modern oriental dance and simply as a woman.”= Azza Fahmy

Azza Fahmy launches its new Falahy collection

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The gorgeous Raya Abi Rached in our Limited Edition Tughraa Necklace

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