Hand and Coin Bracelet

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver bracelet adorned with 0.21ct Sapphires and 0.09ct Diamonds.

The Snake & Owl Bracelet

18 Kt Gold and Sterling Silver "Snake & Owl" bracelet adorned with semi-precious stones

Intertwined Snake Bangle

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Snake bangle adorned with calligraphy and precious stones.

Love Calligraphy Cuff
18kt Gold and Sterling Silver classic motif cuff adorned with 3.8ct Sapphires.
The Gold Snake Bangle
18kt Gold Snake bangle adorned with 0.69ct Diamonds, 0.53ct Sapphires and 0.85ct Rubies.
The Hoopoe Cuff
18kt gold and sterling silver Peacock cuff adorned with 2.55ct Champagne Diamonds and 0.80ct Rubies.
T-Lock Love Bracelet

18kt Gold T-Lock classic bracelet adorned with calligraphy, precious stones and pavé Diamonds.

Wing Cuff

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver masterpiece engraved in cosmic muses, featuring Pharaonic Wings, and bejewelled with semi-precious stones.

The Pharaonic Tale Cuff
Silver and gold cuff-bracelet