Wonders of Nature Collection

Nature's Perfections Within the Imperfections


inspired by global cultures

The Stackable Bangle


The Hoopoe Cuf

The Double-finger Snake Ring


The Hoop Earrings

The Snake Hoop Earrings


Love Calligraphy Cuff


The Bow Earrings


The Tassel Earrings


The Diamond Hand of Fatima Ring

Tribal Earrings


The ‘Falahy’ Earrings


Tribal Ring

The Snake Hoop Earrings


The Peacock


The Owl Necklace

The Gold Snake Bangle

The Owl & the Ladybird Earrings

‘Birds of Paradise’ Choker

The Snake Bangle

The Snake Earrings

Stackable Snake Ring


The Snake & Owl Bracelet


Snake & Owl Lariat

Owl Broche

The Jungle chain broche


Bumblebee Broche

The Scarab

Flower Stud Earrings


Beaded Snake Necklace