Gifts and Men

Islamic Coin Necklace

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Coin Necklace For Him, adorned with calligraphy.

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Silver Calligraphy Band

Sterling Silver Calligraphy Band For Him.

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Silver Motif Mobile Ring

Sterling Silver Motif Mobile Ring.

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Snake Ring

Sterling Silver Snake Ring.

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Happiness Silver Ring

Sterling Silver Calligraphy Ring For Him.

Coiled Coin Ring

18 Kt Gold and Sterling silver Ring adorned with 0.07ct Champagne Diamonds

Greek Coin Stud Earrings

18 Kt Gold and Sterling silver Earring adorned with precious stones.

The Silver Faith Rosary
Sterling Silver beaded necklace adorned with Islamic coin
Greek Coin Ring
Sterling Silver ring adorned with vintage "Alexander The Great" coin
Gold Guardian Cufflinks
18 Kt Gold and Sterling Silver Cufflinks adorned with calligraphy
The Guardian Ring
Sterling Silver ring adorned with calligraphy
The Good Luck Charm
Sterling Silver bracelet adorned with calligraphy
Round Calligraphy Cufflinks
Round cuff links carrying timeless love messages, in sterling silver.
Lotus Cufflinks
Lotus blossom- shaped cufflinks, in sterling silver.
Eternity Cufflinks
18kt gold oval cuff links inscribed an iconic love verse by Umm Kulthum.
Roman Key-Chain
18kt gold and sterling silver keychain
Best Seller
Calligraphy Band For Him
Silver split heart band inscribed in calligraphy
Calligraphy Key-Chain

Sterling silver key-chain for Men engraved with calligraphy, sung by Egypt’s voice Umm Kulthum in 1935.

Tale of Love Ring
A classic Sterling silver ring for Men adorned with inspirational inscriptions in signature Azza Fahmy calligraphy.
Men's Silver Band
Men's silver band
Classic Calligraphy Ring
A classic silver ring