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Protector Bracelet

Sterling Silver and Leather Protector Bracelet, inscribed with, ‘لصاحبه العافيه’ – ‘Good health to the wearer’, and set with Black Diamonds or Sapphires.

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Belt Bracelet

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver adjustable Belt Bracelet, adorned with Chrome and Diamonds, or Black Spinal and Diamonds.

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Talisman Cuff

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Talisman Cuff, inscribed with ‘العین علیھا حارس’ – ‘There is a protector shielding the inner eye’, and ‘بركه’ – ‘Blessings’, and adorned with London Blue Topaz and Sapphire, or Pearl and Champagne Diamonds.

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The Eye Wraparound

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Eye Wrap-Around Bracelet, inscribed with ‘یا حارس’ – ‘Oh Protector’. The bracelet is adorned with Lapis and Diamonds, of Turquoise and Diamonds, or Green Onyx and Diamonds. 

Falahy Snake Bangle

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver snake bangle adorned with 0.13ct Rubies.

The Snake & Owl Bracelet
18 Kt Gold and Sterling Silver "Snake & Owl" bracelet adorned with semi-precious stones