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Falahy Stone Earrings

The 18kt Gold Falahy Stone Earrings are inscribed with our classic calligraphy, ‘موده – حب’ – ’Love – Affection’. The hanging charms are adorned with one-off stones, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, or multi-coloured Sapphire; each stone has a unique shape, size and colour. 

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Art Deco Hoops

The 18kt Gold Art Deco Hoops are engraved on the inside with the words of Lebanese poet Elia Abu Madi, ‘جميال الوجود تري جميال كن’ -‘See the beauty in existence through the beauty within you’. The earrings are adorned with Ruby, or Sapphire. 

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Baroque Earrings

The 18kt Gold Baroque Earrings are set with a Sapphire surrounded by Diamonds, or set with a Pearl, Diamonds and Champagne Diamonds, or set with an Opal, Diamonds and Champagne Diamonds. 

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Words of Hallaj Earrings

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Calligraphy Earrings feature the words by Persian poet Mansour Al-Hallaj (858-922), ‘احب منها انت بل كروحي عندي انت’ – ‘To me, you are my soul... but I love you even more’, adorned with Garnet, London Blue Topaz, Blue Topaz, or Amethyst.

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Dove Earrings

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Dove Earrings, adorned with Sapphire and Champagne Diamonds, or Ruby and Champagne Diamonds.

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Bouquet Earrings

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Vase Earrings adorned with uniquely shaped Tourmaline, Opal, or Pearl, no two pairs are alike.

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Falahy Earrings

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Flower Crescent Earrings, inscribed with calligraphy
words, ‘سالمه’ – ‘Peace’, and ‘بركه’ – ‘Blessings’, adorned with Pearls and Diamond

Limited Edition
The Celestial Earrings

18kt Gold mismatched earring with significant wire work

Twisted Teardrop Earrings

18kt Gold teardrop earrings, inscribed in calligrahy, adorned with twisted wirework, and bejewelled with a 10.85ct Amethyst stone and 0.79ct Diamonds. 

The Bow Earrings
18ct Gold earrings with Pearls, Champagne Diamonds & White Diamonds
The ‘Falahy’ Earrings
18kt Gold earrrings with 30ct Blue Topaz and 2.5ct Amatheyst inscribed with calligraphy.