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Guardian Necklace

Sterling Silver Guardian Necklace featuring Lapis or Black Onyx on one side and inscribed with ‘يا حارس’ – ‘Oh Protector’ on the other. Adorned with Black Diamonds or Sapphires. 

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Star Lariat Necklace

Sterling Silver Star Lariat Necklace features stars of varying sizes. Adorned with Pavé Diamonds.

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Multi-Wear Eye Necklace

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Multi-Wear Eye Necklace adorned with Tourmaline, London Blue Topaz, or Garnet.

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Calligraphy Choker

18kt Gold & Sterling Silver Classic Choker inscribed with Persian poetry calligraphy by Mansour Al-Hallaj (858-922) and adorned with London Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Black Onyx, Pearls, or Labradorite. 

Scarab Stone Necklace

18 Kt Gold necklace adorned with "Scarab" engraved semi-precious stone

Calligraphy Necklace

Sterling Silver Calligraphy Necklace.