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Kaf Wrap Ring

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Kaf Wrap Ring, adorned with Chrome and Diamonds, Green Onyx and Diamonds, or Cordierite and Diamonds.

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3-Star Earring

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver 3-Star Earring, can be matched and paired with other earrings. Adorned with Champagne Diamonds, or Black Diamonds.

This stud is not sold as part of a pair. 

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Ajouré Ottoman Ring

18kt Gold Ajouré Ottoman Ring inscribed with, ‘حب’ – ’Love’ on the back. The ring is gracefully set with Emeralds and Diamonds, or Emeralds, Sapphires, and Diamonds. 

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Eye Brooch

Inspired by the eye of protection, the 18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Eye Brooch is lined with Sapphires using a channel-setting technique, and is adorned with a Sapphire and Diamonds. 

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Victorian Bracelet

18kt Gold Victorian Bracelet, beaded with Japanese Fresh-Water Pearls and adorned with Sapphire, London Blue Topaz, and Diamonds. Also comes beaded with Sapphire and adorned with pearls and Diamonds, or beaded with Emerald and adorned with Pearls and Diamonds. 

Scarab Stone Necklace

18 Kt Gold necklace adorned with "Scarab" engraved semi-precious stone