Oasis Earrings

Sterling Silver earrings.

Snake Calligraphy Bracelet

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver bracelet adorned with 0.13ct Rubies.
Inscribed with: واسع رزق

Gold Basket Earrings
Everyday 18kt Gold Ajour basket earrings - inspired by Peasant Jewellery
The Hand of Fatima Ring
18kt gold and sterling silver hand of Fatima ring adorned with 0.60ct Black Diamonds, also available in champagne diamonds
The Hand and Eye Charm
18 kt Gold and Sterling Silver "Hand & Eye" Charm
Double-sided Necklace
Double sided Sterling Silver necklace for men adorned with African motifs.
Happiness' Necklace
Sterling Silver links necklace for men, with the inscription "Happiness" - "سعادة"
African Motif Keychain
Sterling Silver lock-like key chain, adorned with african motifs
Eternity Cufflinks
Oval cuff links inscribed an iconic love verse by Umm Kulthum, in 18kt gold and sterling silver.
Round Silver Cufflinks
Round silver cufflinks
Silver Winged Earrings
Silver and Enamel openwork winged earrings with scarab studs