Hand and Coin Necklace

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver necklace adorned with 0.21ct Sapphires and 0.09ct Diamonds.

Also available in Pearl, Champagne Diamonds, and Diamonds

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Falahy ‘Window’ Earrings

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver earrings adorned with 0.36gm Pearls.

Also available in Blue Topaz.

Tahiya Earrings

'تحيةلتحية' - A tribute to the legacy of Tahiya Karyoka - 18kt Gold and Sterling Silver statement earrings

Tahiya Necklace

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver necklace.

The Diamond Hand of Fatima Ring
18kt gold and sterling silver hand of Fatima ring adorned with pave 0.67ct White Diamonds.
The Seal of Solomon Necklace
18 kt Gold and Sterling Silver T-Lock classic necklace adorned with calligraphy, semi precious stones and Pave Diamonds
The Seal of Solomon Earrings
18 kt Gold and sterling silver button earring adorned with calligraphy and Pave Diamonds
Eternity Cufflinks
Oval cuff links inscribed an iconic love verse by Umm Kulthum, in 18kt gold and sterling silver.