Roman Key-Chain
18kt gold and sterling silver keychain
Enamel Band For Men
Sterling silver band detailed with enamel and calligraphy
Wing Necklace For Men
Sterling silver necklace for men.
Calligraphy Key-Chain
Sterling silver key-chain for Men engraved with calligraphy, sung by Egypt’s voice Umm Kulthum in 1935.
Stackable Lotus Bangle
Everyday Sterling Silver stackable bangle adorned with an 18ct Gold Lotus flower motif, symbolizing the first moment of creation in Ancient Egypt.
The Ottoman Garden Necklace
A Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold beauty combining
Tale of Love Ring
A classic Sterling silver ring for Men adorned with inspirational inscriptions in signature Azza Fahmy calligraphy.
Round Silver Cufflinks
Round silver cufflinks
Hand Pierced Key Chain
Double-sided silver key chain
Unique Mechanism Key Chain
Silver and gold key chain
Men's Silver Band
Men's silver band
Classic Calligraphy Ring
A classic silver ring
The Tughraa Necklace
Unique Tughraa calligraphic necklace
Silver Ring with Golden Eye
Silver ring with a gold eye
The Pharaonic Tale Cuff Bracelet
Silver and gold cuff-bracelet
Hand Pierced Bracelet Cuff
Foliate and Floral Bracelet
Passe-partout Lotus Earrings
Silver and Gold Loti-form earrings
Nekhbet' Vulture Earrings
Silver and gold vulture earrings
Silver Lapis Collar Necklace
Silver and Lapis Lazuli lotus and foliate collar necklace. Each segment representing a clump of lotuses, palmettos, and detailed leaves respectively, with loti form terminals. The palmetto pattern is inspired by column capitals from Philae Temple.
Charm Bracelet
Silver and gold amuletic bracelet with Djed- pillar (representing stability), Wedjat- eye (representing wholeness and perfection), and Sa- protection symbol suspended from a Shen- eternity sign, on a chain with four Ankh- life symbols.
Silver Winged Necklace
Silver scarab and winged necklace
Amulet Necklace
Multiple Wedjat-eye bead suspended on a chain
T-Lock Charm Necklace
A silver and gold amuletic pendant
Filigree Winged Scarab
Silver and gold filigree necklace