Men's Collection

Handcrafted Gold and Sterling Silver pieces for men, fusing a variety of cultural inspirations.

A gift that says much more

A selection of personal gifts
for your friends and loved ones.

Reversible Necklace


Scarab Necklace


Scarab Cufflinks


Scarab Ring


Wing Bracelet


Multi-band Ring


Pendant Keychain


Signature Ring


The Protector Ring


Warrior Band


Greek Coin Ring


The Seal of Solomon Key Chain


Greek Coin Cufflinks


Silver Gold 'Guardian' Cufflinks


The 'Guardian' Cufflinks


The Calligraphy Ring

The Faith Necklace


The Silver Leather Bracelet


Calligraphy Bracelet


Greek Coin Ring


The Cross Necklace


The Suma Necklace

The Silver Gold Faith Necklace