Men's Collection

Handcrafted Gold and Sterling Silver pieces for men, fusing a variety of cultural inspirations.

A gift that says much more

A selection of personal gifts
for your friends and loved ones.

Band of Protection

Sterling Silver ring inscribed with, ‘يا حارس’ – ‘Oh Protector’, and adorned with Black Diamonds or Sapphire.


Guardian Necklace

Sterling Silver Guardian Necklace featuring Lapis or Black Onyx on one side and inscribed with ‘يا حارس’ – ‘Oh Protector’ on the other. Adorned with Black Diamonds or Sapphires. 


Band of Hope

Sterling Silver band, inscribed with, ‘اذا اغلق الله بابا فتح الفا’ – ‘If God closes a door, he opens a thousand others’, and adorned with Black Diamonds or Sapphires.


Protector Bracelet

Sterling Silver and Leather Protector Bracelet, inscribed with, ‘لصاحبه العافيه’ – ‘Good health to the wearer’, and set with Black Diamonds or Sapphires.


Endearment Cufflinks

Sterling Silver cufflinks, inscribed with ‘موده و رحمه’ – ‘Endearment and Mercy’, and set with Smoky Topaz.