Stackable Lotus Bangle
Everyday Sterling Silver stackable bangle adorned with an 18ct Gold Lotus flower motif, symbolizing the first moment of creation in Ancient Egypt.
Silver Motif Bangle
A silver hand pierced bangle
Hand Pierced Bracelet Cuff
Foliate and Floral Bracelet
Silver/Gold Cuff Bangle
A silver/gold cuff like bracelet
The Kiswa Bracelet
Silver and gold Kiswa bracelet
Multi-Stranded T-Lock Bracelet
Silver/Gold multi-stranded T-lock bracelet
Charm Bracelet
Silver and gold amuletic bracelet with Djed- pillar (representing stability), Wedjat- eye (representing wholeness and perfection), and Sa- protection symbol suspended from a Shen- eternity sign, on a chain with four Ankh- life symbols.