The Lotus Cuff
An architectural sculpture encapsulating the spirit of Ancient Egypt, celebrating the Lotus flower; the blossom of life and creation, set in pave diamonds, 18kt gold and sterling silver.
Eternity Bracelet
‘My Eternity’ the enchanting words spelled in this all 18kt gold bracelet set in pave diamonds, sung by Egyptian icon Umm Kulthum.
Coin Bracelet
‘The heart adores all that is beautiful’ the words once sung by Umm Kulthum that ignited the inspiration behind this charm pendant reminiscent of antique coins, set with pave diamonds all around, 18kt gold and sterling silver.
Coin Bracelet
‘My Precious love’ the words once sung by Umm Kulthum that ignited the inspiration behind this 18kt gold pendant reminiscent of antique coins, set with two emeralds and in pave diamonds all around.
Cameo Locket Bracelet
A magnificent piece of love and nostalgia bejeweled with pavé diamonds and precious stones all-around, reminiscent of antique Cameo jewellery.
Diamond Coin Bracelet
A nostalgic coin inscribed in “You’re the one” bejeweled with pavé diamonds, in 18kt gold and sterling silver.
Diamond Charm Bracelet
Charm bracelet adorned with diamonds and calligraphy.
Suma’ Bangle
An open-work masterpiece adorned with Ottoman motifs and captivating verses from Umm Kulthoum’s most iconic song
Classic Calligraphy Bracelet
Sterling silver and 18kt gold bracelet, encrusted with semi precious stones and inscribed with gold calligraphy.
Stackable Lotus Bangle
Everyday Sterling Silver stackable bangle adorned with an 18ct Gold Lotus flower motif, symbolizing the first moment of creation in Ancient Egypt.
The Pharaonic Tale Cuff Bracelet
Silver and gold cuff-bracelet
Silver Motif Bangle
A silver hand pierced bangle
Silver/Gold Cuff Bangle
A silver/gold cuff like bracelet
The Kiswa Bracelet
Silver and gold Kiswa bracelet
18kt Gold Filigree Chain Bracelet
18 KT gold bracelet with hand filigree chain
Multi-Stranded T-Lock Bracelet
Silver/Gold multi-stranded T-lock bracelet
18kt Gold and Diamond Bracelet
18kt gold bracelet
18kt Gold Calligraphy Bracelet
18KT gold bracelet
Multi-Stranded Beaded Bracelet
Gold chain bracelet
Charm Bracelet
Silver and gold amuletic bracelet with Djed- pillar (representing stability), Wedjat- eye (representing wholeness and perfection), and Sa- protection symbol suspended from a Shen- eternity sign, on a chain with four Ankh- life symbols.