Flower Earring
Sterling Silver Earring adorned with semi hand pierced floral/nature motifs precious stones
Body Paint Earrings
Sterling silver and 18 kt gold earrings inspired by body art used in south western Ethiopia
Calligraphy Button earrings
An 18kt Gold and Sterling silver button earrings engraved with love words sung by the legend Umm Kulthum.
Lotus Charm Earrings
A cascading pair encapsulating the spirit of Ancient Egypt, celebrating the Lotus flower; the blossom of life and creation, set in pave diamonds, 18kt gold and sterling silver.
Calligraphy Button Earrings

Classic Button earrings adorned with gold calligraphy.

Classical Folkloric Earrings
Classic silver and gold charms earrings
Silver/Gold Earrings
A silver/gold earring
Delicate Calligraphy Earrings
Filigree calligraphy earrings
Nekhbet' Vulture Earrings
Silver and gold vulture earrings
Abstract Winged Scarab Earrings
Silver and Gold Winged Scarab