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Eye-Kaf Earrings

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Eye-Kaf Earrings feature an eye with flower petal eye-lashes, and an abstract kaf.

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Multi-Charm Earrings

Lightweight Sterling Silver Multi-Charm Earrings, with an oversized eye, multiple kafs and coins.

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Falahy Stone Earrings

The 18kt Gold Falahy Stone Earrings are inscribed with our classic calligraphy, ‘موده – حب’ – ’Love – Affection’. The hanging charms are adorned with one-off stones, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, or multi-coloured Sapphire; each stone has a unique shape, size and colour. 

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Art Deco Hoops

The 18kt Gold Art Deco Hoops are engraved on the inside with the words of Lebanese poet Elia Abu Madi, ‘جميال الوجود تري جميال كن’ -‘See the beauty in existence through the beauty within you’. The earrings are adorned with Ruby, or Sapphire. 

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Baroque Earrings

The 18kt Gold Baroque Earrings are set with a Sapphire surrounded by Diamonds, or set with a Pearl, Diamonds and Champagne Diamonds, or set with an Opal, Diamonds and Champagne Diamonds. 

Lotus Stud Earring

18kt Gold stackable earring adorned with precious stones 

This stud is not sold as part of a pair. 

Calligraphy Stud Earring

18kt Gold stackable earring adorned with Diamonds and calligraphy

Classic Button Earring

18 Kt Gold and Sterling Silver Calssic Button Earring adorned with calligraphy

Lotus Bud Ear Climbers

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver lotus bud ear climbers adorned with our signature calligraphy and precious stones.

Delicate Calligraphy Earrings
Filigree calligraphy earrings
Abstract Winged Scarab Earrings
Silver and Gold Winged Scarab