Just in
Band of Hope

Sterling Silver band, inscribed with, ‘اذا اغلق الله بابا فتح الفا’ – ‘If God closes a door, he opens a thousand others’, and adorned with Black Diamonds or Sapphires.

Just in
Kaf Wrap Ring

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Kaf Wrap Ring, adorned with Chrome and Diamonds, Green Onyx and Diamonds, or Cordierite and Diamonds.

Just in
Guardian Ring

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Guardian Ring inscribed with ‘یا حارس’ – ‘Oh Protector’, and adorned with Lapis and Diamonds, Turquoise and Diamonds, or Green Onyx and Diamonds. 

Limited Edition
Moonlight Pearl Ring

18kt Gold ring adorned with pearls and incircled with diamonds

The Gold Stack Ring
18kt gold ring coiled band, inspired by an Indian traditional tiger ring.
Diamond Gold Eye Ring
Easy to wear dainty chain ring that come in an ‘Evil-eye’ motif adorned with a cluster of diamonds.