Love Locket Ring
A hidden love message sealed inside this 18kt gold and sterling silver ring spelling ‘You’re the one’, inspired by Umm Kulthum.
Cartouche Ring

18 Kt Gold ring set in pave diamonds and Lapis- regarded as a regal stone by the Pharaohs.

Calligraphy Coin Ring
A glorious creation reminiscent of antique coins, 18kt gold and sterling silver.
Enamel Band For Men
Sterling silver band detailed with enamel and calligraphy
Classic Lotus Ring
Classic meets contemporary in this 18ct gold and sterling silver piece.
Wrap-around Classic Ring
18ct gold and silver classic adorned with enchanting verses sung by Egypt’s voice Umm Kulthum in 1965.
Diamond Lotus Ring
Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold stackable ring adorned with Diamonds and a gold plaque of an open Lotus flower.
Sultan Pearl Ring
Statement Sultan Ring adorned with pearls, diamonds and 18ct Gold calligraphy.
Silver/Gold Calligraphy Ring
Silver/gold ring
Silver/Gold Calligraphy Ring
Silver/gold ring with calligraphy
Rumuz Charms Gold Ring
An 18kt gold ring
Silver Ring with Golden Hand
Silver ring with a gold hand